All About Consumer Forum


According to the Consumer Protection Act 1986, the consumer right is referred to as ‘right to be protected against marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property’.It is applicable to specific areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals.



The right to information is defined as ‘the right to be informed about the quality, quantity, potency, purity, standard and price of goods or services, as the case may be so as to protect the consumer against unfair trade practices’ in the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.



Consumerism is a social as well as economic order which encourages the buying of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. This term is sometimes associated with critics of consumption beginning with Thorstein Veblen. Veblen's topic of examination.


Consumer Forum

Since the last 32 years, the services of Consumer Forums are supplied to the every part of the country having total of 13,600 members that are regularly growing on.

All the concerns of the consumers were handled by this organization that involved malls, banks, multinational companies, services of utility to make sure to consumer that they are getting their dignity, respect, and all rights. The basic motive of this organization shown by their slogan "Become More Powerful” to serve the customer.

Membership Benefits

This organization have been taken care of all the concerns of the customers that are handled by the legal advocates that also worked as a group to render the services and our concern is to just everyone take ‘Consumer Forum’ membership and customer served itself as ‘powerful’.

Through a membership in this consumer forum, consumer will get sticker to paste on vehicles, rights book that gives all knowledge about the rights of the customers and stickers can be paste at different places to make aware the people about their rights and harassment and malpractices at various places in whole of India.

Advantages after Becoming the Member

Consumer Forum is known by every person in our country that has basic motto to make aware every consumer about their rights and services that is gets like if he or she buy a product from the market then they will make sure to get complete satisfaction from that product that they buy or if there is any lack of service to them then they will submit a complaint against them.

If the customer are not satisfied with the product or services then they has to contact us through email or as they get comfort providing all the documents regarding that product or service so that we get an ease to send a legal notice against that company on behalf of the customer. If the customer will not get any reply from the default accused, then will suggest customer to bring their complaint to the court of the Consumer Forum that are located in each district of the India.  Customer will get guidance through the legal advocates and all services are cost free.


Only member can avail all these facilities not the other third person.